Alupar will invest in power generation in Colombia

Posted in: 10/14/2011

Alupar will invest in power generation in Colombia

Alupar Investimento S/A assumed the Risaralda Energy SAS/ESP – a company that owns the rights and authorizations to develop a complex of small hydroelectric plants in the state of Risaralda, Colombia. The complex consists of three projects, totalizing approximately 30 megawatts of installed capacity.

The investment will be around US$ 70 million, with construction planned for 24 months.

The energy generated will be traded on the open market power in Colombia.

The group decided to invest in Colombia due to the large growth potential of the country, with stable rules and solid regulations. Alupar expects to gradually increase investments in Colombian territory.

With this new venture, Alupar expands its generating capacity by a further 30 MW, reaching a total of around 460 MW of installed capacity. The company also operates 5,665 kilometers of transmission lines, 200 kilometers in Chile. Therefore, Alupar expands its international presence and become one of the big energy groups in the electricity segment.