Alupar Investment S.A. is a national private holding company that was established in 2007.

Between July and December 2007, Alupar implemented a corporative reorganization process, through acquisitions and investments, and became stockholder in the following electric power transmission companies, previously controlled by Holding Company: EATE, ECTE, ENTE, ERTE, ETEP, ETES, Lumitrans, STC, STN, Transirapé, Transleste and Transudeste, as well as special purpose companies in the sector of electric power generation as: Foz do Rio Claro, Ijuí, Queluz and Lavrinhas.

Later, Alupar acquired EBTE, ESDE, ETEM, ETVG, TME, TNE, ETSE, Ferreira Gomes and Energia dos Ventos in auctions held by Aneel between 2008 and 2011. Also in 2011, the Company acquired autorization to build the SHPP Morro Azul in Colombia.

In 2013, the Company sold energy in the ANEEL auctions of June and October 2013 for the small hydroelectric power plants Verde 08 and Antônio Dias, with 30.0 MW and 23 MW, respectively (the sold enery contracts were terminated on May 29, 2017); in addition to receiving the authorization to implement the La Virgen HPP, with 93.8 MW, in Peru.

In 2014, Alupar won the Lot C (ELTE) at the ANEEL Auction 001/2014, the granting of transmission assets.

In 2016, Alupar won Lots I (ETAP) and T (ETC) at the ANEEL Auction 13/2015, the granting of transmission assets. Also in 2016, Alupar won three Lots in the Transmission Auction Aneel 13/2015 – Stage 2, the Lots 2 (TPE) and 6 (TCC) and through its subsidiary EATE, the Lot 22 (ESTE). Bisedes that, also in 2016, Alupar won the bidding process UPME 07-2016 (TCE) through its controlled company Alupar Colombia.

In 2017, Alupar won Lot 19 (TSM) at the ANEEL Auction 05/2016, the granting of transmission assets. In addition, Alupar acquired equity interest in the Transmitter ETB and EDTE.

In 2018, through the Eletrobras Auction 01/2018, APAETE, a company formed by Alupar and CSHG Perfin Apollo 16 Investment Fund, was winner for the Lot O, acquiring the stake of Eletrobrás’ in AETE.

In 2020, grants were issued enabling the implementation of two wind farms that are part of the Agreste Potiguar Wind Complex in the municipality of Jandaíra in the State of Rio Grande do Norte, these two parks have an installed capacity of 63.0 MW, the Wind Complex Agreste Potiguar has seven wind farms with a total installed capacity of 214.2 MW. Additionally, in 2020, a grant was issued for the implementation of the Pitombeira Photovoltaic Power Plant, in the municipality of Aracati, State of Ceará, with an installed capacity of 61.7 MWp.

This consolidation enabled Alupar to hold a total of 8,129 km of power transmission lines distributed in 30 companies, 598.1 MW from hydropower, 161.7 MW from wind power and 61.7 MWp from solar energy.

In 2022, 36 of the 43 assets controlled by Alupar were in operation, 27 of which in the transmission segment, 8 in the hydroelectric generation segment and 1 wind farm complex also in the generation segment. Note that all the transmission and generation assets in operation have been developed and implemented by Alupar, proving Alupar’s technical capacity in the development of greenfield projects.

Transmisison Assets
Generation Assets