Analyst Coverage

BTG Pactual João Pimentel BUY R$ 30.00 01/24/2022
Credit Suisse Maria Carolina Carneiro OUTPERFORM R$ 29.40 06/27/2022
Goldman Sachs Pedro Manfredini BUY R$ 29.00 01/07/2022
Itaú BBA Marcelo Sá OUTPERFORM R$ 34.80 07/12/2021
JP Morgan Fernando Abdalla OVER WEIGHT R$ 29.00 11/24/2021
Santander Andre Sampaio BUY R$ 27.39 01/17/2022
Banco do Brasil Rafael Dias BUY R$ 37.30 11/17/2021
Safra Daniel Travitzky OUT PERFORM R$ 31.30 07/29/2020
Genial Investimentos Vitor Sousa BUY R$ 35.00 06/17/2021
Bradesco Francisco Navarrete OUT PERFORM R$ 30.00 10/26/2020
BofA Merrill Lynch Arthur Pereira BUY R$ 32.00 08/10/2022
Morgan Stanley Miguel Rodrigues OVER WEIGHT R$ 30.00 01/07/2022
XP Herbert Suede BUY R$ 29.00 06/28/2022

Source: Bloomberg and Research Reports

Alupar Investimento S.A. is covered by the analysts listed above. It is important to note that any opinion, estimate and forecast regarding Alupar’s performance made by these analysts are exclusively theirs and do not represent opinions or forecasts of the Company or its Management. Alupar Investimento S.A. does not endorse said information or share those opinions, conclusions or recommendations, or their dissemination. The Company does not guarantee that the list of analysts above is complete or up-to-date and that the information to be made available here is subject to authorization of the respective analysts.